European Social Network Online

European Social Network

European Social is great that we can find new friends, share photos and videos, discuss politics, meet new ones, and send birthday cards. Most of the youngsters present here sharing their online experiences. The European Social Network is not just for something most young people. So I would like to shortly talk to you about the development of social networks in Europe, the benefits and risks they bring about especially the way the European Social Communities change our lives.

The number of online users in social networks and communities has exploded. From Jan 2009 until Jan 2010, the number of users in Europe has grown up 34%. In a comparison, the number of mobile phone subscribers were also increased nearly 25% worldwide annually for the past few years. Many of these users are young people who have adopted quickly and enthusiastically the services offered by the European social Communities. The huge development and implementation of social networks has been supported by growing access to the Internet, especially in broadband usage. Broadband Internet access among European households has risen over 50% in the year of 2008. The 75% of European children and young people use the Internet.

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